Friday, April 5, 2013

My name is Ryan

My name is Ryan; I'm different to you
I don't see the world the same as you do.
You see a classroom and I see a chair
I don't always notice what else is in there.
Too much information keeps coming my way
It's so hard to cope with, day after day.
You show me so much that I don't always see
One step at a time is the best thing for me.
Bright lights and loud noises upset me so much
An unusual smell, or somebody's touch.
When you look in my eyes and I'm looking away
I'm not being rude if I don't hear what you say.
I'm not being awkward; I'm just doing my best
I'm striving so hard to be just like the rest.
The times when you think I've not really tried
If only you knew how that hurts me inside.
I want you to like me the way I like you
If only you saw things from my point of view.
Your life and my life both run parallel
Your's seems like heaven, mine's sometimes hell.
Whenever you're frustrated at the things that I do
You could have been me and I could have been you. ♥


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